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Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?

Recently, on my virtual travels I came across this article titled ‘Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?’. It got me thinking because in my current situation this is what is actually happening.

RSS made our lives easier by bringing the news to us rather than having to go out looking for it. But now (although not working in the same way) Twitter can distribute information at a much faster rate, it also gives us a better chance of finding things we may not have come across before.

When I started out with Twitter and was looking for people to follow, I took inspiration from my RSS feeds. Now many people tend to advertise their blog postings through Twitter and as the RSS feed is already bringing in the new content there is this duplication occuring. Because of this I find I’m not relying on my RSS reader as much any more. In fact as it’s been so neglected that things have gotten completely out of control, to the point where I’d have to delete huge streams of updates as I’d never have the time to browse through them all.

This is a shame as I now don’t know what I’ve missed out on or if it could have been useful to me. At least with Twitter, if you miss something chances are if it’s of any use you’ll come across it again. Twitter has far more to offer as you can get more effective recommendations on content through re-tweets, trending topics and and memes. You could even set-up a search using Twitter and use this to aggregate content relevant to you.

I’m don’t think Twitter can replace RSS entirely (as it’s well established, universal and very useful) but I do think it will certainly change the way we use it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or are you having a similar experience?


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