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Five Cool Twitter Experiences

I haven’t posted anything here for sometime so here’s a little something to keep you going. It’s also something I’ve been wanting to share.

PS: Anyone who is waiting for the SoundCloud review, don’t worry it’s coming soon!

In my recent refresher course in social media the thing I’ve taken to most is Twitter. What I’d like to do now is share with you five (relatively) cool things that have happened to me since I started using twitter. These will also help demonstrate the power and applications of Twitter.

#1 – Getting a Re-Tweet from someone important.

A couple of posts back I wrote a brief review of AudioBoo. I shared this post on Twitter and shortly after I was notified of a Re-Tweet. “That’s not so special” you might say, but the RT actually came from the founder of AudioBoo; Mr Mark Rock. His remarks, and I quote; “Nice review”.

Yeah, check that one out!

Ok so he didn’t say “Amazing review” or “Best review ever” but that’s not the point. It could’ve said “Terrible review” for all I care and I’d be just as happy. The fact is he found it and actually read it. Which I think you’ll find is due to the awesome power of Twitter.

#2 – Getting your first #FF or #FollowFriday

It’s a big milestone for any Twitter user to have someone else recommend you to their followers. Not something to be taken lightly. To date I’ve only had one #FF and it was a sound related Tweet so I must be doing something right. Thanks again @BenoitMoi

#3 – Using hashtags to participate in an event.

Following hashtags is great for keeping up with events. Most recently, here in the UK during the general election (see #GE2010 or #ukelection) and obviously the rather tongue-in-cheek #ashtag.

I participated in celebrating Record Store Day which took place on 17th April 2010. On that day you would’ve found me queueing up outside Piccadilly Records in Manchester at seven in the morning. A hashtag had been created for the event which spread quickly: #rsd10.

While in the queue (for three hours by the way!) I had quite some time to waste. So I started Tweeting about what I was up to and I signed off all my Tweets with #rsd10 #Manchester. Before long people who were following the hashtag were replying to me and I ended up talking to people who were at the back of the queue or on their way to the event asking how long the queue was.

This is another great demonstration of connecting with people you may never have met through Twitter.

#4 – Getting added to a Twitter list

This may not be so significant but it’s still another mile stone for a new Twitter user and it does help show how you are received by other Twitter users in how they go about categorising you.

Some lists I’ve been added to:


It’s a good feeling to be added to a list of a topic on which you are really interested in.

@thedharmablues/manchester-collective “The Greater Manchester Collective – People/Organisations from in and around Manchester.”

This one happened after Tweeting about Manchester based events like ‘Sounds From The Other City


This is an interesting one because I don’t follow @Farske and they don’t follow me. I can only guess they added me to a list because they want to keep track of me but don’t want me to clog up their stream.

#5 – Social Metrics?

This last one is a bit of a weird one but does show how once you tweet something you no longer own it as it’s released into the public domain.

I was looking at some social analytic and metrics tools and typed my name into then found that one of my Tweets was on an aggregated list of updates about Synth Britannia, with mine at the top none-the-less. What a crazy world!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it. For those of you who aren’t into Twitter, if this doesn’t sway you a little bit it will at least explain why I like it so much.


4 responses to “Five Cool Twitter Experiences

  1. Helen May 18, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Great post Mark – i’ll be sharing this with colleagues as you’ve summed up some key benefits of using Twitter with examples of how you’ve engaged and benefited from microblogging. Cracking stuff!

  2. Helen May 18, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    oh, and p.s. looking forward to the SoundCloud review 🙂

  3. Mark Ledden May 19, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Yeah, that’d be great. Thanks!

    I did have a case where I was Re, Re, Re-Tweeted but haven’t managed to track down that tweet yet. And was going to mention breaking my first 100 followers but I’m not sure if I’ve even benefited from that yet.

    On the SoundCloud side of things they’ve just signed up their first 1,000,000 users so their making great progress.

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