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Can I Blog Every Day? Lets See

2011-01-04 18.10.00

It’s a new year but I have no resolution. So rather than attempting to make a generic new year’s resolution that I’ll inevitably forget a few weeks down the line. I’m going to try to write daily and push content out through my blog on a regular basis to see where it goes.

Strangely this has come from a slow down in ideas for content. In a search for ideas I was regularly hearing that you need to write as often as you can to keep the ideas flowing. So that’s the plan. I do spend far too long writing posts sometimes to the extent where they’re horrible out of date. Time to nitpick less and write more.

I also came across the challenge for 2011 from WordPress which is to blog more often. Just what i needed! At The Daily Post they’ll be bringing you fresh ideas to keep you blogging daily. There’s also plenty of ideas from the likes of ProBlogger and Chris Brogan.

So with all the ideas I’ll need there’s no excuse but to get blogging. This is just the start of it.


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