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Am I Crazy Enough To Want My Yamaha 01x Back?

The 01x was a beautiful piece of kit, encompassing an Audio/MIDI interface, Digital Mixer and Control Surface into one neat package. I was so happy when I acquired myself one of these. It’s probably the best all-round thing I’ve owned audio-wise. There isn’t much to compare it to but it was the centrepiece of my setup and working with it was quick and easy (once you get your head round the whole mLAN thing!) This technology has long been abandoned by Yamaha and is falling into the dead-tech abyss. Maybe it came before its time. Either way, once it was confirmed there would be no support for 64-bit systems, the future looked very grim indeed. Sure I could stick with XP. After all there’s plenty of people making music on ancient architecture, even some well-known artists. I could even go for the 32-bit version of Win7, but sooner or later hardware support for 32-bit OS’s will vanish too.

Learning of the end of driver support meant facing getting rid of it, but because it did such a good job I wanted to keep it. However the longer I waited the further the resale price dropped. Eventually I ditched it, losing money in the process, thankfully not too much though. The thing that really angers me about this situation is Yamaha themselves. For a product that was only launched in 2003 driver support came to and end in 2008. I’ve even seen it being sold today, I really hope people aren’t buying it unless they know what they’re getting themselves into.

All that was needed was a release for Win7 64 and it would see that may peoples investments in the equipment wasn’t a complete waste. There was even some good stories of people managing to hack the XP64 drivers to work with Win7. Sure Yamaha want people to buy there new products but this situation hasn’t put them in good standing with a lot of people. It’s even made myself and many others vow not to buy anything from Yamaha again. A sad story.

At the end of the day you can’t stop technology, you just have to weigh-up what works for you and stick with it for as long as you can. Updates usually only bring you grief and slow down your work flow. I guess what I’m really saying is, I don’t necessarily want the 01x back, just something that lets me work as well as it did.


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