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Solving Some RSS Issues and Keeping Things ‘Free’

FrostWire's Unbeatable Price

As you may remember, I love Hootsuite. Who wouldn’t? It’s a social media management powerhouse!

However, since they’ve turned freemuim, there are features I still need to use which are only available on the Pro Accounts. I’d be happy to go Pro if I needed to but this isn’t for me personally so It’s currently out of the question.

The free version currently limits you to 2 RSS feeds to one profile / 1 one feed to 2 profiles / 2 feeds to two separate profiles…? However you put it, the limit is 2! I need one RSS feed to 4 profiles and maybe even more in the future.

The obvious alternative is Twitterfeed. This was easy to setup and is working like a charm already. It would’ve been nice to have everything housed within Hootsuite but thankfully this can be setup once and then left to it’s own devices.

I’m not knocking Hootsuite at all but this is one occasion where I need to be as cost-effective as possible to prove what social media is worth.

Anyone have any similar experience on work-arounds with various tools to keep costs to a minimum?


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