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Vinyl Is Still The Music Collectors Dream

The other day I treated myself to a few new editions to my record collection. I don’t have a huge collection but I’d like to and it’s something I’m working on. A good friend of mine has quite an envious collection! This gradual process does mean the records I do spend my money on matter all the more.

The thing that really made me think was what came with one of the records…..a free MP3 download of the album! (and at 320K too!) This was cool but actually didn’t matter all that much to me. Digitisation is all about convenience. Yeah it’s great being able to stick the music on my phone to listen to on the go but it’s the collectability (and subjective superiority in sound quality) which gives vinyl records their appeal.

The whole experience of the cover art and exploring the sleeve while you listen to the record from start to end is what the whole album experience is all about. Immersing yourself and absorbing the album as a concept. Maybe I’m just being traditional. Maybe you can enjoy music in the same way, or even in a better way, with your MP3 player or computer.

You may think differently. How has your experience of listening and enjoying music changed? Has the demise of physical formats had a detrimental effect on music or devalued it in any way?


One response to “Vinyl Is Still The Music Collectors Dream

  1. MEp3 January 14, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Vinyl, no matter how collectable, is still an inconvenience. You can’t take it to your mates for a quick listen unless they have a record player or some decks. Where as mp3 and cd are far more accessible and the sound quality is amazing. Vinyl sounds more like a tape deck, what’s superior about that sound? Similar to comparing the sound of a Ferrari to a bloody lada.

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