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SoundCloud & Symbian – What Are The Options?

SQ&A #1

Welcome to SQ&A, my Search Queries and Answer session. This is where I pick through some of the most useful search queries which have landed my blog to use as post titles in and effort to answer any questions and go into a bit more detail. Hopefully this make my posts a little more useful and helps people find what they’re looking for.

SoundCloud & Symbian

These two keywords, in a number of combinations, are among the highest ranking search queries I’m getting traffic from. So I’d thought it would be helpful to pull together all the resources I can find to help users of both SoundCloud and Symbian.

The Symbian OS has been around for a lot longer than Android or iOS so why should they get all the love?

Sadly there is no good news here. There are no third party apps which let you upload or listen to any content on soundcloud. Unless you have Flash installed on your phone and can get the full site running there’s really nothing you can do.

I was hoping Pixelpipe had managed to port some soundcloud upload functionality. SoundCloud themselves don’t even support uploads via email. The only way to get SoundCloud on the go is if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to have and iPhone/iPod Touch or an Android handset. (If you do have an Android be sure to check out SoundGarage.) Being an open system, I’m surprised nobody has made an app themselves.

Sorry to bring you the band news! Don’t worry too much though, as it turns out SoundCloud are looking for a Symbian developer. So we can (hopefully) be sure there is an app is on the way and if you fit the bill, get on over there and make it happen.


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