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What If Social Networks Had Dress Codes?

You’ll have to humour me a bit on this one. Obviously there are no actual dress-codes for social networking sites but each one has it’s own rules, code of conduct and etiquette, etcetera etcetera. This leads to different behavior when interacting on each network, It’s only natural. Lets explore some of them.


This is the social network which focusses on our professional lives, so socially you have to be at your best. You’re profile acts as your CV meaning your next job or bit of work could be just around the corner coming from a connection or potential connection. You could think of it as always being in a job interview situation. Present yourself at your best, put on your snappiest suit and look the part.

Dress Code = ‘Smart’


It’s hard to escape Facebook, it’s everywhere. This is where we spend our free time, or the time when we should be working. It’s a place for friends so it’s always casual. Sure, there are plenty of businesses on Facebook but they have to play by the rules if they want to win people over and take part in the fun. It’s a group of friends, a night out, a party, a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s anything really, anything fun. This means you need to look cool and feel comfortable.

Dress Code = ‘Casual’


Twitter is the most difficult one to categorise. It has a whole mix of people all doing different things with it. There are people who just use it to mirror their Facebook statuses, others who use it to network and keep up with the latest happenings. There are also businesses trying to connect with their customers and other businesses in a new way. It’s basically one giant conversation where everyone can have their turn. This could equate to a dinner party, a few drinks at the pub or a conference call from overseas.

Dress Code = Any of the above…

Remember, in reality you could visit any of these websites wearing nothing but your underwear. Just make sure you don’t tell everyone in your next status update! Unless that’s the kind of thing you like to share.


2 responses to “What If Social Networks Had Dress Codes?

  1. Aeron January 31, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Good point on the twitter front given Rhiannas recent use of the four letter “C” word…

    • Mark Ledden January 31, 2011 at 3:09 pm

      That’s a fair point.
      She can say what she likes though, people just need to remember that what you say on Twitter is free for everyone to see. And once it’s done you can’t ‘undo’ it.

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