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(Some Of) The Social Apps I Use On My Android


This is my most used app. I mainly use it because of the combined column. It’s easy to keep up to date with what’s going on with Facebook and Twitter in one stream. It’s also one of the best designed apps I’ve seen. Simplicity is key here.


This one I use mainly for sharing links. Tweetdeck doesn’t automatically capture the title of the page im trying to share, which is really anoying. Hootsuite also lets me manage my Facebook page. So I can send updates to my Facebook page & profile and to Twitter all in one go. I also get the added advantage of link stats and desktop sync.


I’ve only just started to use this beta version of this official app and so far its going well. There hasn’t been much choice for mobile users up until now (none of the main apps have incorporated it, probably due to it not appealing to the casual user). This lets me keep up with LinkedIn on the go and improve my presence there. It looks really well thought out and is working great at the moment.


I only get occasional use out of this (usually this when I’m out….and bored) but It’s one of those apps I feel I need. I don’t seem to get on to well with the Foursquare integration built into Tweetdeck. Most of the time I forget about it and I really wish I used it more.


This is another new one I’ve gotten into. I was trying to find a decent camera for my phone and came across this. It has some great filters and effects but the bonus is the social integration. Posting to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous and Foursquare checkins! It also allows you to geotag your pics. The icing of the cake has to be the automated backup to Dropbox of the original and processed photos.


I can’t seem to live without this one at the moment. Weather it’s checking up on stats, replying to comments or even adding a quick post when I have time. It is very frustrating doing longer posts though, so that I would’t recommend.


2 responses to “(Some Of) The Social Apps I Use On My Android

  1. Alex February 2, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Might have to check out PicPlz, looks great! Also didn’t know about the LinkedIn app. Good post!

  2. Mark Ledden February 2, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Picplz was a nice little find. I wanted to use it as my general camera but you have to upload your pics as you take them. Definitely worth using it to replace what you use to upload photos to Twitter just for the added functionality.

    Not sure how I found out about LinkedIn. It’s weird how few apps there are out there for it. Although I did see a sort of mashup between LinkedIn and Foursquare…..location based professional social networking. Cool!

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