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Irritation is… Not being able to read the full article in your RSS reader

Irritation Is...?

Does this annoy other people as much as it does me?

Truncated feeds will only give you a portion of the real content in your reader. They offer summaries of the article and the full post can only be read by visiting the website. Originally I though this was a trick by publishers to get more traffic on their website (in some cases this is true). This tactic actually seems pointless since anyone who subscribes to a feed is already a loyal reader. So why would you want to mess that up by irritating them?

Another function of truncated feeds, from the point of view of the publisher, is to help protect against robot spam blogs copying their content and other misuse of the RSS feed. Nonetheless this practice also infuriates the reader and diminishes the point of having an RSS feed.

There are work-arounds for this. The Full Feed extension for Chrome lets you read the full post with a simple keyboard shortcut. Once installed, just hit ‘z’ on any feed that doesn’t give you the full article.

That’s great because Google Reader is the only feed reader I use…..on the desktop.

Where this really becomes annoying is when browsing on your phone. It can be very time consuming and detrimental to your data usage to have to flick to and from the web browser and your reader.

Click here to read the full story …Hahaha!


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