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Has Life Gotten This Depressing?

So It’s Saturday night and I’m in the pub having a few drinks with some friends. The majority of us are, while still in conversation, constantly checking Facebook (some of us are checking Twitter too). The conversation itself then moves over to Facebook and more specifically statuses.

One of us remarks at how such a pointless update from one of their friends seemed to be worthy of so many likes, despite being so meaningless and free of any information whatsoever.  We then decided that strangely the more mundane or outspoken your update is the more popular it is with your friends. Weird right?

So comes the beginning of a game. A competition to see who can get the most likes on their status. Just think of the fun! I can only thank god that we didn’t actually play this game, it was just the thought of it that weirded me out.  Is this the new standard of weekend entertainment? Or do I hang around with some strange folk?


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