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SoundCloud Mashups From SoundGarage At Music Hack Day

The new official SoundCloud app for Android might look amazing and have one significant feature over the rest (audio recording) but my favourite app of them all is SoundGarage. If you’ve kept up to date with what’s been happening at Music Hack Day you might have already heard about this but if not then you might find them very cool.

Both hacks are clever mash-ups of the SoundCloud API and other API’s, which allow for new ways to interact using the SoundGarage Android app.


The first is SoundBump. This uses the BUMP API which allows users to share information by simply bumping their phones together. In the pictures below you’ll see the option to BUMP with other users and the ability to share a number of things.

This could be a really useful application and helps bring things back into the real world, If only just for a moment.


SoundNest taps into EchoNest’s API to give you artist recommendations. It uses the SoundCloud users you follow to come up with recommendations tailored for you then searches SoundCloud for these users and gives you the option to follow them.

This just makes the whole process of music discovery even easier and pushes it a little closer to being the go-to app when you want to listen to some new music.




2 responses to “SoundCloud Mashups From SoundGarage At Music Hack Day

  1. Gaurav Mehta March 1, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Hey Mark,

    Huge thanks for your support and glad you liked the hacks. We are about to release an update to the official SoundGarage app and will keep you posted on that. Would love your feedback.

    -Gaurav Mehta
    SoundGarage Mobile Team

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