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Quick Tip: Use a SoundCloud Set as a Demo Reel

Here’s a cool use of SoundCloud that I came across. One of my all time favourite bass players, Ryan Monro of The Cat Empire (one of the best bands in existence!) has created a SoundCloud set on his profile. This set contains clips of his bass playing and takes the form a demo reel. The set has then been embeded in his portfolio on his personal website. Pretty useful and a good way to share your skills, just share the set with whoever you need to. This obviously Isn’t restricted to musicians, it could be used by sound designers, voiceover artists or anything else you can think of.


3 responses to “Quick Tip: Use a SoundCloud Set as a Demo Reel

  1. Helen March 18, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Useful post Mark – cheers!

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