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Celebrating The Physical Music Format

For those of you who didn’t know it, last Saturday (the 16th April) was Record Store Day. This is celebrated across the world and aims to promote and support the independent record stores so many of us rely on.

The main focus of the day is centred around the special release from participating artists. Last year was the first year I took part and was the first I’d ever heard of the event. Being in Manchester I was well aware of Piccadilly Records, being an essential music hub and also one of the major stores participating in the UK.

On my first Record Store Day in 2010, I was queing up outside Piccadilly Records at 7AM. It was 6:30AM this year, who knows what it’ll be next year and the following year! Fair play to these hardy people below who queued up from as early as midnight and brought sleeping bags and picnics. That’s dedication.

I came down to show my support and bag myself some collectables. For me and I’m sure almost everyone there, it’s purely about the music and more specifically the physical format. The iTunes users are at the other end of the scale here and were presumably absent from the queue. There was even a specially made bag on sale which proves my point. Lovely ­čśë

I still feel listening to the sound generated from the grooves in a record is one of the best listening experiences you can have. And it’s about the collect-ability, you get to hold your music.┬áHere’s what I managed to grab this year.┬áLuckily, as I was so close to the front of the queue I ┬ámanaged to get everything I wanted.

Last year there was a huge amount of hype over the new Blur single, with it being the first thing they’d released for over ten years. I managed to bag one of those too ­čÖé Here’s some other pieces I picked up.

MP3’s and iPods might hold all the┬áconvenience┬áneeded for today’s way of life but there’s something about records which is understood by their┬ádie-hard┬áfans which will never see them fade away. I’m already looking forward to what next year brings. Keep hold of the physical format, keep those records spinning and support your local independant record store ­čÖé


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