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SoundCloud & AudioBoo, Part 2: SoundCloud

I know this has been a long time in the making but there’s been loads of news on SoundCloud recently. I even opened an issue of Sound on Sound magazine recently to discover a two page spread coinciding with their podcast moving over to SoundCloud! So I’ve had to re-write a few things. Anyway, here it goes!

The Cloud

In part one of this review I talked through the features of AudioBoo which can be summed up as any/all of the following: audio-for-twitter, automated micro-podcasting etc. Now we’re looking at another relatively new platform with very different features. Both platforms/services store your audio in ‘the cloud’ with AudioBoo focused on speech and SoundCloud focusing on music. Read more of this post


Why I Love Hootsuite

It would appear that I have settled on Hootsuite as my all round social dashboard and Twitter app (Brizzly changed this a little but I’ll go into that some other time). The search was for a desktop/mobile combo and has mainly been between Seesmic, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

Just to give you a bit of a primer I use Linux as my main desktop so decent native applications can be hard to come by (I prefer web apps for their portability anyway) and I have an Android phone so until the other day that ruled out Tweetdeck. As for seesmic, I didn’t find the web app that exciting.

I’m not going to go into every functionality of Hootsuite, most of which every other Twitter app can do. I’m just going to pass on the things I find it does better than others and the reasons why I make it my number one.

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Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?

Recently, on my virtual travels I came across this article titled ‘Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?’. It got me thinking because in my current situation this is what is actually happening. Read more of this post

SoundCloud & AudioBoo, Part 1: AudioBoo

OK, originally this post was meant to be about SoundCloud, then it was going to be on AudioBoo. In the end I though why not talk about both and give a rundown of their individual features, a comparison of the two and what you might be able to achieve using the two together. This will be a two part post, bringing you AudioBoo in the first half and SoundCloud in the second.

What we have here are two audio-based social networking sites at quite different ends of the scale…

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Power to the People! (User-Generated Content)

User-Generated Content, as the name suggests allows anyone to create their own content. This has come about through the improved technology of hand-held devices like digital cameras and mobile phones which, can be used to capture this content then distributed worldwide thanks to the on-line revolution using sites like YouTube.

This readily available, convenient and increasingly cheaper technology is a means to capture any moment imaginable: When a News or Television crew maybe nowhere to be seen there will always be plenty of cameras and mobile phones within range and ready to capture the event in an instant.
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Facebook and Twitter

On my first post I talked about my digital identity and mentioned my very limited use of Twitter. I thought I’d give you a quick update as recently things have changed. After learning more about how it works and what can be done with it I’m making regular constant use of Twitter and slowly but steadily building up my followers. The micro-blogging site has me hooked!
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Social Media as a Research Tool

What do you get when you cross social media with research into soundscapes?

Don’t worry it’s not a joke. The answer is something we’re yet to find out but recently I had a glimpse into the work being done on the Sound Around You project. Nearly all of the data for this project is coming straight from the hands and ears of the general public.
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My Digital Identity

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a student at Salford University working towards an MSc in Audio Production. I also did my undergrad degree at Salford so this is my fifth year here! I’m quite a practical person and technically minded: I like to put pull things apart and put them back together. Music is my real passion though and I fill nearly all of my time on things music and audio related. These two major interests of music and technology make this course perfect for me.
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