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Mark Who? ..Blog What?

As you may have guessed, my name is Mark. I’ve recently completed five long years of higher education at The University of Salford in Manchester, UK. During my time there I gained a degree in Professional Sound & Video Technology and a post-graduate qualification in Audio Production.

One of the revelations in my later years at university was discovering the exciting world of Social Media. That’s how this blog came about. It started as a series of posts on the topics we were covering in class. That was towards the end 2009, I’ve decided to carry on and see where things go.

The content you’ll find here will be created for the type of person I was before I started my Social Media class. So if you’re dipping your feet into the new web, need a few tips or are just curious then you might find something useful here.

The majority of the time the content will sway, in terms of relevance, towards the audio, video and music industries. I try to keep things inventive, I like to sketch and also attempt to be funny!


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