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My love of Mashups and Tumblr


Because I’m so cool, I always make sure I turn up late for the party – In a literal sense anyway.

In the tech and online world however, that just doesn’t cut it – Snooze and you loose!

Over the past few months I’ve been getting into Tumblr. Now I know this isn’t something new, I have dabbled in it before but never really took it seriously.

At first I didn’t get it, it was hard to know what was original content and if there even was any original content on there at all. Once I dived right in though, it became more apparent. It’s not simply about blogging. It’s about currating and sharing.

So I decided to pick a theme for my Tumblr and stick with it. I needed something that was almost effortless with endless content to post. Now I’m massively into my music and I’ve always been slightly obsessed with remixes and cover versions. So that was it.

My theme seemed to go with the nature of Tumblr. I would simply curate videos from YouTube and share them with a little info on my Tumblr.

What surprised me was the instant reception I got for my posts. People were liking and re-blogging my posts straight away. It was great. Maybe I just chose the perfect content or maybe these people were just really nice.

At the moment it’s all a bit of fun but maybe I’ll find a better use for it. Do you have any ideas or experiences you’d like to share?

You can see my collections or mashups, covers and remixes at #CoverMyRemix


Quick Tip: Use WordPress ‘Copy a Post’ To Make Templates

If you want to save a bit of time and you regularly post items which have much of the same structure and content, you can use the new post copy feature in the recent update of WordPress to take away much of the work.

First thing you’ll need to do is make the template. Just create a new post as you would with any other. If your post is part of a series you can have some of the title already filled out eg: “One Cool Series of Posts: ____”

I’d also suggest putting TEMPLATE in the start of the title for easy identification. You can then add in any kind of filler you have on this series of posts at the start and end. Say, you have the same opening and closing paragraph for example.

**Hint: WordPress, it would be cool to have a ‘Templates’ tag to keep these posts in, to separate them from drafts etc 🙂

When your ready to use your new template, hit ‘Copy a Post’ in the Posts Menu on the dashboard. As shown below. You’ll then be given a list of all your posts which you can use to copy.

Select the post you want and that’s it! You have an exact copy of the original post. In the case of the template for the series of posts; just adjust your title eg. “One Cool Series of Posts: Cool Post Number 3” (Remember to remove TEMPLATE, of course!). Then just add your content specific to this post and you’re done 🙂

I think it’s a great feature for WordPress to implement and I hope some of you find this useful. Another use could be for reversioning a post. You may have done a post on a list of your favourite apps. Some of which may just need bringing a little up to date.

Test Post (Kind Of)

This post is coming straight from OpenOffice, via the Sun Weblog Publisher extension. I’m giving it a try because I really don’t like the WordPress editor anymore. Well, I never did really! I find using a dedicated word processor helps me focus, having less things to distract me. I’ve also recently suffered from less-than-ideal internet connectivity and this will help prevent any loss of work.

So here it is, a test post with a little extra. Lets see if this thing actually makes it out to you 🙂

QuickTip: Share Items From Google Reader To Twitter (Or Virtually Anywhere) Automatically

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so anywhere we can make efficiencies in the time we spend on things (no matter how minimal) will always help. This is a quick tip I’m using to share all the great articles I come across with a little less effort.

I usually do most of my browsing on Google Reader on my phone. Sharing an item generally means opening a new window in the browser or switching to another app. This takes up valuable time!

Wouldn’t it be better if you could share it with a single click that didn’t interrupt your reading experience? Read more of this post

Happy Birthday Blog!

A year ago today I posted my first piece here in almost complete oblivion. Reading back on that post, things have changed quite a bit. That’s what lead me to write this post as a follow up a couple of months back.

The ongoing process of learning all I can about social media and blogging has been fun and come with some great surprises and opportunities. I’ve learnt a lot in the past year and hope to learn a lot more.

So, Happy Birthday Blog!

Awesome Stats

Now that January is over I think it’s about time I bragged about some stats. January was mind-blowing. Nearly a 450% increase compared with the blog’s first month and 2.5 times more traffic than the next best month!

(Some Of) The Social Apps I Use On My Android


This is my most used app. I mainly use it because of the combined column. It’s easy to keep up to date with what’s going on with Facebook and Twitter in one stream. It’s also one of the best designed apps I’ve seen. Simplicity is key here.


This one I use mainly for sharing links. Tweetdeck doesn’t automatically capture the title of the page im trying to share, which is really anoying. Hootsuite also lets me manage my Facebook page. So I can send updates to my Facebook page & profile and to Twitter all in one go. I also get the added advantage of link stats and desktop sync.


I’ve only just started to use this beta version of this official app and so far its going well. There hasn’t been much choice for mobile users up until now (none of the main apps have incorporated it, probably due to it not appealing to the casual user). This lets me keep up with LinkedIn on the go and improve my presence there. It looks really well thought out and is working great at the moment.


I only get occasional use out of this (usually this when I’m out….and bored) but It’s one of those apps I feel I need. I don’t seem to get on to well with the Foursquare integration built into Tweetdeck. Most of the time I forget about it and I really wish I used it more.


This is another new one I’ve gotten into. I was trying to find a decent camera for my phone and came across this. It has some great filters and effects but the bonus is the social integration. Posting to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous and Foursquare checkins! It also allows you to geotag your pics. The icing of the cake has to be the automated backup to Dropbox of the original and processed photos.


I can’t seem to live without this one at the moment. Weather it’s checking up on stats, replying to comments or even adding a quick post when I have time. It is very frustrating doing longer posts though, so that I would’t recommend.

Postaday2011 – One Week In

Yeah I know it’s further than a week into 2011, but as usual I was late to the show. So today marks the first week of my venture into postaday2011.

So what progress have I made?

Well I hate to focus on the numbers here but one thing I have seen is a good return in page views. If I can just demonstrate…

You can see in the graph above the rise in activity, which correlates to my first post for postaday2011. Instead of sitting around waiting for the perfect post I’ve just got down to writing.

Looking at the next graph. The first week of the year (which is the second to last bar) has been the best week for some time and the week after that is about average just two days in to the week.

Now finally. You can see that it’s only 11 days into the month and January is looking to be one of my best months yet, and more likely, the best ever.

Traffic isn’t everything but it’s good to see something for the effort of blogging every day and means I’m happy to carry on. Thanks for reading.

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