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SoundCloud & AudioBoo, Part 2: SoundCloud

I know this has been a long time in the making but there’s been loads of news on SoundCloud recently. I even opened an issue of Sound on Sound magazine recently to discover a two page spread coinciding with their podcast moving over to SoundCloud! So I’ve had to re-write a few things. Anyway, here it goes!

The Cloud

In part one of this review I talked through the features of AudioBoo which can be summed up as any/all of the following: audio-for-twitter, automated micro-podcasting etc. Now we’re looking at another relatively new platform with very different features. Both platforms/services store your audio inĀ ‘the cloud’ with AudioBoo focused on speech and SoundCloud focusing on music. Read more of this post


My Digital Identity

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a student at Salford University working towards an MSc in Audio Production. I also did my undergrad degree at Salford so this is my fifth year here! I’m quite a practical person and technically minded: I like to put pull things apart and put them back together. Music is my real passion though and I fill nearly all of my time on things music and audio related. These two major interests of music and technology make this course perfect for me.
Read more of this post

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