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Pre-Schedule Your #FF’s So You Don’t Forget Those Who Count

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding Twitter and automation. It is acceptable? Is is cheating? I think there’s a fine balance. You don’t want to be feeding people a constant stream of links from RSS feeds. On the other hand it’s impossible to tweet constantly round the clock, 24 hours a day. (Try it, I dares ya!)

Scheduling Tweets

There’s many a tool which aims to help you find this balance. What I present here is what I believe to be a perfectly acceptable way to keep track of those who make your Twitter life a little brighter so you can reward them with the all important #FollowFriday at the end of the week.

Most weeks, when Friday does come around I’m either too busy or when I try and put my mind to it I can’t remember who has done what for me to piece together a decent follow Friday. Sorry people 😦

With this method you can start your #FF from the beginning of the week and gradually build up a saved message which you can keep adding to that is setup to post on the Friday of that week.

How to do it

Personally, I’ll be using Hootsuite, as ever. You can use any tool that will let you schedule messages. I choose Hootsuite because it’s what I use everywhere. It also lets you edit pending messages, which is the most important thing here.

1. Schedule Your Message

All you need to do at the beginning of the week is schedule a message to post to your Twitter account on the following Friday (like the word play there?)

Scheduling in Hootsuite

Schedule your message using Hootsuite

You’ll then see your pending message in your pending message stream or the fancy, new publisher view.

Your pending #FF in Hootsuite

Your pending #FF in Hootsuite

2. Edit Your Message

If you don’t have anyone to add to it at first just leave it as “#FF” (Remember to delete it it you don’t get round to adding anyone by Friday or it’ll be one sorry looking Tweet!)

As the tweeting week goes on make note of those who you’ve conversed with, learnt from and who have helped you. It’s at that point you should be adding their names to your list. That list being your pending #FF.

Edit your tweet in Hootsuite

Edit your tweet in Hootsuite

3. Sit Back and Relax

Now you can just take it easy, or get back to work! As everything is taken care of. No need to franticly look back through @reply’s and DM’s to figure out who you want to honour with an #FF.

Further Ideas

You could also set up a few different messages. Especially if you have a lot of people to thank. You could have different #FF’s for people who RT you, those you talk to regularly or influencers on various topics.

Hope this is useful to you. Make sure you don’t forget those superstars of Twitter. Also, If anyone is using another way to schedule their messages, I’d like to know how you got on.


The Animals of Twitter: Brizzly Bear

Brizzly is what New Twitter should have been. It’s a single column layout which displays images in video in the timeline, much like the Facebook feed. Come to mention it, it also has Facebook integration.

There are clear indicators when you have mentions, unlike Twitter. And DM’s popup in the corner and take the form of IM chat windows. Very cool.

If your looking for something a bit different than Twitter web and you don’t really want to jump into something more hardcore then Brizzly is definitely worth a try.

Happy Twitter Birthday To Me!

Today is the second anniversary of the creation of my Twitter account. Whoop!

It seems like a long time but for the first nine months or so I never actually used it. So, basically I’ve only really been a Twitter user for one year 😉

I got my account purely to bookmark my name as I though I’d need it some day. The question of whether I actually ‘need it’ is still open, but I like to think I do.

In the early days, before I got going I protected my tweets and had really gotten into the platform at all. It wasn’t until my social media work at university where things really took off.

In that class, for me, Twitter was the easiest things to get to grips with. I grew to use it more and more and still find myself learning things every day.

So here we are, one two years later and I’ve just managed to pass the 400 followers mark!

Happy Birthday to my 140 character self 🙂

Revising My & Google Reader Combo

As you may know from this post I have automated the process of sharing items from my Google Reader account to my Twitter account. I made a point that I would closely monitor it to make sure it doesn’t seem too spammy or overwhelming for other users.

I had the feed set to check and post new items, one at a time every 15 minutes between the hours of 8am and 10pm. I also let it guess the appropriate hashtags and drop them in too. I’ve already reduced the number of hashtags from three to two.

Here’s an overview of the activity since the start of my little experiment.

You can see how the zero marks on the graph reflect the lack of activity on the weekends. Monday’s are the most active because any spare time I have over the weekend I may still read and share items but they wont reach Twitter until Monday. On a Monday I’m generally getting over 300 clicks from around 20 posts. As you can see below, the number of clicks over time closely matches with the number of posts over the same period of time.

For me, I think it’s been working quite well but there are ocassions when I look at my Twitter profile and see the ammount of hashtags and it just seems a bit gareish.

Will I be making any changes?

Yes, I’ll make a few tweaks and will continue to keep any eye on things. In the feed settings I’m going to increase the update from 15 to 30 minutes. And in the Twitter settings I’m going to remove the hastag placement completely.

QuickTip: Share Items From Google Reader To Twitter (Or Virtually Anywhere) Automatically

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so anywhere we can make efficiencies in the time we spend on things (no matter how minimal) will always help. This is a quick tip I’m using to share all the great articles I come across with a little less effort.

I usually do most of my browsing on Google Reader on my phone. Sharing an item generally means opening a new window in the browser or switching to another app. This takes up valuable time!

Wouldn’t it be better if you could share it with a single click that didn’t interrupt your reading experience? Read more of this post

The Struggle To Manage Facebook Pages From Your Android

Facebook pages are becoming increasingly important in the social world and the business world in general. Anyone who does virtually anything should have one. So that’s a lot of people! What frustrates me to no end is the pain I’ve been through to try and get a solution to managing my Facebook pages on my Android device. I’m not after anything complex, I don’t want Insights or anything (it would be nice though 😉 ). Just the ability to post (including media), comment and view other comments, that should do it. Is it so much to ask? This search was filled with dead-ends and compromise and what I’ve come up with is something to make do for now. Here’s what I did. Read more of this post

(Some Of) The Social Apps I Use On My Android


This is my most used app. I mainly use it because of the combined column. It’s easy to keep up to date with what’s going on with Facebook and Twitter in one stream. It’s also one of the best designed apps I’ve seen. Simplicity is key here.


This one I use mainly for sharing links. Tweetdeck doesn’t automatically capture the title of the page im trying to share, which is really anoying. Hootsuite also lets me manage my Facebook page. So I can send updates to my Facebook page & profile and to Twitter all in one go. I also get the added advantage of link stats and desktop sync.


I’ve only just started to use this beta version of this official app and so far its going well. There hasn’t been much choice for mobile users up until now (none of the main apps have incorporated it, probably due to it not appealing to the casual user). This lets me keep up with LinkedIn on the go and improve my presence there. It looks really well thought out and is working great at the moment.


I only get occasional use out of this (usually this when I’m out….and bored) but It’s one of those apps I feel I need. I don’t seem to get on to well with the Foursquare integration built into Tweetdeck. Most of the time I forget about it and I really wish I used it more.


This is another new one I’ve gotten into. I was trying to find a decent camera for my phone and came across this. It has some great filters and effects but the bonus is the social integration. Posting to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous and Foursquare checkins! It also allows you to geotag your pics. The icing of the cake has to be the automated backup to Dropbox of the original and processed photos.


I can’t seem to live without this one at the moment. Weather it’s checking up on stats, replying to comments or even adding a quick post when I have time. It is very frustrating doing longer posts though, so that I would’t recommend.

What If Social Networks Had Dress Codes?

You’ll have to humour me a bit on this one. Obviously there are no actual dress-codes for social networking sites but each one has it’s own rules, code of conduct and etiquette, etcetera etcetera. This leads to different behavior when interacting on each network, It’s only natural. Lets explore some of them.

Read more of this post

140 Characters of SPAM

How has Twitter affected or been affected by the world of spam. Now I’m not talking about the food stuff but the unwanted electronic stuff mainly associated with email.

At least the 140 character limit with Twitter has made “the spammers” refine their message for the greatest impact. So hopefully we’re getting better spam, right? Think of it as new and improved spam!

It is impressive (but mostly incredibly annoying) how some people robots have used it. As an example, you mention iPod, iPad, or any other Apple product and you get get tons of replies full of links to iffy websites with ‘amazing opportunities’ just for you!

It can be difficult to escape it so how do you deal with it?

Twitter: A Visual Analogy

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